RE Alloy

No. Appellation Serial Number Major Specification
1 NiY Alloy NiY-20 RE:20±1; Ni:Bal; Y/RE≥99%
2 YAL Alloy YAL-11 RE:11±1.5; Al:Bal; Y/RE≥99.5%
3 YAL-87 RE:87±1.5; Al:Bal; Y/RE≥99.5%
4 NiLa Alloy NiLa-44 RE:44±1; Ni:Bal; La/RE≥99%
5 CeFe Alloy CeFe-19 RE:19±2; Fe:Bal; Ce/RE≥99%
6 CeFe-80 RE:80±2; Fe:Bal; Ce/RE≥99%
7 NdFe Alloy NdFe-50 RE:50±1; Fe:Bal; Nd/RE≥99%
8 NdFe-90 RE:90±1; Fe:Bal; Nd/RE99%
9 PrNdFe Alloy PrNdFe -50A RE:50±1; Fe: Bal: Pr/RE≥20±2; Nd/RE≥80±2%
10 PrNdFe -50B RE:50±1; Fe: Bal: Pr/RE≥25±2; Nd/RE≥75±2%
11 PrNdFe -90A RE:90±1; Fe: Bal: Pr/RE≥20±2; Nd/RE≥80±2%
12 PrNdFe -90B RE:90±1; Fe: Bal: Pr/RE≥25±2; Nd/RE≥75±2%
13 SmFe Alloy SmFe-80 RE:80±1; Fe: Bal: Sm/RE≥99.5%
14 SmFe-90 RE:90±1; Fe: Bal: Sm/RE≥99.5%
15 GdFe Alloy GdFe-70 RE:70±1.5; Fe: Bal: Gd/RE≥99%
16 GdFe-72 RE:72±1.5; Fe: Bal: Gd/RE≥99%
17 GdFe-75 RE:75±1.5; Fe: Bal: Gd/RE≥99%
18 DyFe Alloy DyFe-775 RE:77.5±1.5; Fe:Bal: Dy/RE≥99%
19 DyFe-775A RE:77.5±0.5; Fe:Bal: Dy/RE≥99%
20 DyFe-80 RE:80±1; Fe:Bal: Dy/RE≥99%
21 DyFe-80A RE:80±0.5; Fe:Bal: Dy/RE≥99%
22 NFB Alloy consistent with Customer requirement
23 NFB Alloy Chips consistent with Customer requirement
24 NFB Alloy Powder consistent with Customer requirement
25 1:5 type of SmCo Alloy Powder SmCo5 consistent with Customer requirement
26 2:17 type of SmCo Alloy Powder Sm2Co17 consistent with Customer requirement